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$50   4 Sessions

$85   8 Sessions

$115 12 Sessions

$135 16 Session

$155 20 Sessions

$135 1 Month Unlimited

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$100    12 Sessions

$125    16 Session

$125    1 Month Unlimited


Tabata is 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times and lasting 4 minutes. You can do just about anything for 20 seconds, right? There are 8 Tabatas in a session lasting about 50 minutes. This is HIT - High Interval Training designed to help you burn fat and get stronger. It is a great way to Get Your Sweat On! Small Group Training

Suspension Training TRX

There is nothing else like it! You use your body weight to increase or decrease your resistance. Designed by a Navy Seal, TRX Suspension Training can be done as a beginner and continued to be used by the elite athlete and military personal.                

TRX Tabata is Suspension Training using a Tabata format of 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times. Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Small Group Training is an affordable option to Personal Training. There are no more than 10 people in each group allowing me the chance to work with everyone's strengths and abilities while still keeping everyone challenged and in proper form. We work in all three planes of motion and give extra attention to core strength and balance. By getting stronger in these areas we can learn to move correctly and decrease the possibilities of injury. We work with but are not limited to Body Weight, Kettle Bells, Sand Bags, Cones, Ladders, Jump Ropes, Chairs, and Towels. You learn things that can be done at home or on vacation to help take the excuses away. All sessions that are not one on one are Small Group Training. This includes Stability Ball, all TRX Classes, Fight For It!,Tabata, and Mud Warriors.


BollyX is a Bollywood inspired cardio workout guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your body moving. Join us for an experience like nothing else! Small Group Training.