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Licensed Massage Therapy                                                   NASM Certified Personal and Small Group Training

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It is Time to Embrace the Greatness that is You! ~Jeremy McDonald

Time For Yourself is not a gym. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am a NASM Certified and AFAA Group Fitness Certified.

I offer Personal and Small Group Training.

Small Group Training is right for you when...

  • You have a fitness goal and want help reaching it.

  • You enjoy being in a small group of like minded people.

  • You are willing to do homework and challenges outside of your sessions to help you stay on target.

  • You want Personal Training at an affordable price.

  • You are committed to reaching your goal.

  • You are responsible and accountable for being present at each session, being on time, and getting your work done.

  • You are willing to be taken out of your comfort zone and to be pushed further than you would have gone on your own.

Small Group Personal Trainingis designed to work with a group up to 10 people to help them reach common or similar goals. Programs are written daily and will take you further thanyou would go on your own.Measurements are taken when you first start and again about a month later so we can track results. We work with but are not limited to body weight, kettle bells, medicine balls, ropes, gym sticks, sand bags, etc.

You can expect me to be...

  • Prepared and on time
  • To carry myself professionally.
  • To be motivating and encouraging.
  • To be in contact with you through online services such as Facebook, email, or text to help you stay on target.
  • To write a program you are capable of completing.
  • Be there for you and hold you accountable to your commitment.

I expect clients to...

  • Do their homework.
  • Be prepared and on time.
  • Treat their training as it it were one on one.
  • Contact me if they are going to be late or not going to make it to their scheduled time slot.
  • Cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advanced or expect to be charged for the appointment.